Cellular Biotechnology Training Program

The Cellular Biotechnology Training Program (CBTP) at the University of Michigan is dedicated to uniting academic and industrial scientists interested in basic research to further enhance the educational experience and career opportunities for Ph.D. graduates in biotechnology. CBTP seeks to teach students that biotechnology is a vibrant collection of fundamental scientific and technical disciplines that, when combined, make it possible to understand and use biology to actively change medicine and the life sciences. Toward this end, CBTP aims to provide students in a wide range of graduate programs an enhanced educational experience directed towards emphasizing interdisciplinary thinking, research training in quantitative science and practical training opportunities in industry.  Like the biotechnology industry itself, CBTP faculty members are drawn from a diverse spectrum of academic departments and include biologists, chemists, computer scientists and engineers. CBTP graduates are more aware of how biotechnology came to exist, the state of the art, and how they can play a role in creating the next generation of transformative advances in biotechnology. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a Certificate in Cellular Biotechnology from the Rackham School of Graduate Studies.